Inflatable and Non-Inflatable Penile Implantations

You might already know about various other treatment procedures, other than the erectile dysfunction curing drugs like Viagra and Cialis. Actually, a large percentage of the patients do not prefer such surgical procedures which involve any kind of slitting and cutting and are extremely hesitant to get their penises under the knife.

But, the current scenario of the disease compels many patients to opt for such gruesome surgical methods. According to a latest research, 40 percent of the men who have been suffering from symptoms of erectile dysfunction over the years have grown fed up from the lack of success from the oral meds and thus, have changed their priorities from the oral meds to such surgical options.

Penile Implantations

Apart from theses, numerous patients have the opinion that consumption of such chemical rich oral meds are the most effective source of the various side effects. Thus, keeping such developments in mind, the medical fraternity have come up with various other surgical procedures to treat erectile dysfunction, without any possibility of side effects or regular consumption. Such procedures include penile infusions, penile surgeries, penile implants and other vacuums cups, which can also provide relief to erectile dysfunction to a considerable extent.

Although, these surgical options have decreased the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, yet, on the other hand reduced the urge to take active part in sexual activities. This has, primarily, come up due to the sole reason of the hesitation which the individuals face after getting their penis under the knife.

Why do Some Patients favour Penile Implantations?

Apart from the usual oral meds, the one treatment procedure which is favoured by most of the patients all around the world is that of penile implantations. These penile implantations are also known as penile prosthesis in the terms of medical fraternity. Basically, there is a very strange benefit to having such an implantationimplanted inside your penis. If you get your penis implanted with such penis implantations, you will be able to get an erection any time you fascinate; without the necessity of being sexually excited or having to think about the extent of time for which you will have to maintain that erection. You will be able to keep your penis for as long as you desire without losing any inch of your erection. Such implants, thus, have improved their status among men who want immediate and long-lasting effects, but without any side effects.

To be precise, penile implantations can be categorised in to 2 main categories:

Inflatable Type

In these types of implants, a rod and a sac of fluid is inserted near the bladder region. Thus, when you need the urge of getting an erection, you will just need to pump the sac near your testicles and a certain amount of fluid will flow to the rods, thus erecting them and your penis.

Non Inflatable Type

In these type of penile implants, a malleable and soft rod is entered inside the penile shaft, via the scrotum with the help of a small operation. The crucial advantage of having such non-inflatable penile implants is that you can attain the erection which will be appropriate according to the shape of your penis.